An introduce to basic Yoga exercise that holistically refine the body, the mind and the sprit in unison.

Yogasana and Meditation: By practicing yogasana it is convenient to sit in meditative posture. Excessive meditation makes the digestive system weak. Asana along with meditation removes sluggishness of the digestive system.

Yogasana is a unique science of yogis, rishis, saints and seers. By regular practice of a few asanas, the three most important organs, heart, lungs and brain, including the brain's cerebro-spinal system are kept in a healthy condition.

In particular, the muscles and nerves are given proper exercise, which avoids stiffness and heaviness in the body.

Yoga mainly works on the endocrine and the nervous system which are inter-related with other systems of the body. So, their effects are also reflected on other systems.

By regular practice of yogasana, one can develop lightness, steadiness of mind and maintains physical, mental and emotional health. For rectification of imbalance of the physiological system, yogasana should be performed slowly and steadily increasing the time of retaining posture.